We shall meet again


The bands second CD was released in november 2014. The CD contains 12 pieces of music – nice songs and pure meditative music.




Shem: Self Healing Energy Meditation

Virtual guitar:

Acoustic + distorted el-guitar:




The Tobal Process


Arpeggiated guitar:





In 2008 we made a CD to support our good friend Tiago – a instrumental music-CD.

Gibson slide-guitar:

My debut in the new-age music genre:



Surrendercowboys | Meditations-CD’er

Michael Barnett’s Meditations are designed to connect you with hidden sources of energy, within and without, and then to utilize these powerful energies to clear the system of blocks, and obstacles to the free-flowing life. Slowly and steadily the connection with these powerful hidden sources becomes stronger and stronger, and can eventually become permanent, part of the personal life.
The 6 meditation CD’s is guidet byMichael Barnett:

* The SHEM Meditation
* The Oneness Meditation
* The TOBAL Process
* Expanding Self Meditation
* Dynamic Source Meditation
* Inner & Outer To Oneness (IOTO)

The two “classics”: Body Flow Meditation and Soma Meditation, also contains music by serval of band-members.

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